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Food and water supply to help families in need Donate now Support a Local in Indonesia

Our Philosophy

Especially in times like these we see so much solidarity and the will to help others. Yet seeing the sheer abundance of humanitarian projects and the sometimes missing transparency can easily become overwhelming.

This is our starting point. This is where we want to make a difference. By keeping things simple.

One donation. One bag of rice. One water filter. For this one family . It makes a difference. It gives people the biggest smile and relieves their hunger and thirst.

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Our local helpers are close friends, who take care of everything from shopping to distribution.

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Every food package is delivered directly to the people and families who need it the most.


 Your donation reaches the people in need immediately.  


Rice and Water Delivery for families in need during the current COVID-19 pandemic

Give families food with a 50 kilo bag of rice for 35 €

In the current COVID-19 situation, thousands of people in Sulawesi lost their income from one day to the other. Since they lack savings and the social welfare systems of western countries, they are currently facing the most fundamental survival issue: How to get food for themselves and their families.

To help in these difficult times, we started to deliver food packages and water filters to the poorest people and families. The food packages they receive include:

  • Rice
  • Noodles and/or eggs
  • Oil and/or sugar

This is what happens with your donation

Transparency and trust are the most important guidelines of our project. Your donation goes directly where it’s needed: the families in need

After receiving the donation money, our volunteers immediately go to the markets and buy everything for the food packages, which are personally delivered on the next day. With the knowledge of the area, they know exactly where help is needed most. 

With the knowledge of our voluneers, we are also able to give individual support, for example for school uniform, education or in health issues. 


Different areas in Sulawesi/Indonesia

Our current food delivery regions

Sulawesi/ Indonesia

Gorontalo & Surrounding

Sulawesi/ Indonesia

Manado & Surrounding

Sulawesi/ Indonesia

Togean Islands

Sulawesi/ Indonesia

Uwedikan & Surrounding

Java/ Indonesia


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Our Team


Initiator from Germany

Harry & Team

Local volunteer in Gorontalo

Neil & Kathleen

Local volunteers in Manado

Pia, Elly & Team

Local volunteers on the Togean Islands 

Chris & Team

Local volunteer in Uwedikan

Ari & Kim

Local volunteer in Yogyakarta