Together beyond borders

Our Team

Corinna – Initiator from Germany

Since my first visit almost 10 years ago, Indonesia has been in my heart. To me, the country and its people in particular have something very special.

So special, that ever since I always felt the urge to come back. I became friends with more and more lovely local people and it also became important to me to help wherever I can. I realized that small acts can already have a very big impact on somebody’s life. That’s one of the reasons why I have been supporting local projects in Sulawesi for a few years, especially in children’s education.

In times like these, it’s especially important for me to help. I believe due to the close connection with my local friends and volunteers we can effectively help many people.

Kathleen & Neil – Local volunteers in Manado

Kathleen and Neil work in the field of tourism and education. As freelance English teachers they also support poor schools with their curriculum by teaching the English language voluntarily.

They are happy to support this project and do not only deliver food packages, but also give their big heart and smile to the families in need.

Harry & Team – Local volunteer in Gorontalo

Harry is very connected to his hometown Gorontalo and also knows the region very well due to his work as a guide. Local support is very important to him and he helps wherever he can. 

He already created and supported many projects, for example in education and sustainability.

Harry and his team were already able to deliver the important food packages and water filters to many poor villages in the surrounding areas.

Elly, Pia & Team – Local volunteers on the Togean Islands

Pia und Elly operate Araya Dive Resort on the Togean Islands, a beautiful, small resort for diving and nature lovers.

Elly was born on the Togean Islands and knows every corner of the islands, above and underwater. Thanks to his local knowledge, they are able to distribute the food deliveries and water filters where they are needed the most. They also offered free dive education for locals to improve their employment possibilities.

Ari & Kim – Local volunteers in Yogyakarta

Ari is artist in the popular tourist city Yogyakarta on the island Java. He cares a lot about his hometown and supports its people together with his girlfriend Kim especially in those special times.

With their close connection to the city and its people they know exactly where help is needed most and are doing an amazing job delivering the food packages.