The purpose of human life is to serve,
and to show compassion and the will to help others.

Albert Schweitzer

What do a starfish and rice have in common? A lot! Maybe you have already heard the following story:

One day, an old man was walking along a beach that was littered with thousands of starfish that had been washed ashore by the high tide. As he walked he came upon a young boy who was eagerly throwing the starfish back into the ocean, one by one.

The man looked at the boy and asked what he was doing. Without looking up from his task, the boy replied, “I’m saving these starfish that are stranded. If they stay on the beach they will dry out and die, so I’m putting them back into the ocean so they can live.” The old man chuckled aloud, “Young men, there are thousands of starfish and only one of you. What difference can you make?”

The boy picked up a starfish, gently tossed it into the water and turning to the man, said, 
“I made a difference to that one!”

William Ashburne

Our Philosophy

We cannot extinguish hunger in the whole world from one day to another. But we can take a first step. Supporting one family. Donating one bag of rice. Satisfying the hunger of one single person. For this person, on this day, it does makes a difference. 

We cannot give food and support to everyone who lost their job during COVID-19.

But we can help that one Tuk Tuk driver, who is waiting for customers each day and is worried about how to feed his wife and 3 children at home. We can dot it for that one woman, who does not have customers in her street food kitchen, since everyone is supposed to stay at home during lockdown and now doesn`t even know how to feed herself anymore.

All those stories are real. We were already able to help those two people. With one bag of rice. And this bag of rice doesn`t only fill their stomach, it also gives them a sense of appreciation and hope. They are touched that people they do not even know are worried about them and want to support them.

And us? We are also touched. Because in return, we receive the biggest smile you can imagine.