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Give away a donation gift voucher!

This is how it works: Choose a voucher and pay directly via PayPal. Within the next 48 hours we will send you your donation voucher by e-mail as pdf for printing. You can choose between “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas” or ” Happy Easter”. The voucher will be customized according to your choice. Your donation will reach people in need immediately. With this present you can give great joy to a friend or family member and make a change for people in need.

Donation Gift Voucher Food

Support of a family in Indonesia with an individual amount

With this gift voucher you help a family in Indonesia, which is highly in need for support. Support A Local organises food and goods deliveries to remote and poor areas where they are urgently needed.

Food, school clothing or baby utensils – our local helpers know the areas and the people in biggest need. You can be sure, the full amount of your donation goes exactly where it is needed most.

Feeding a family with a food package for 35€

With this gift voucher you help a family in Indonesia, which is highly in need for support. Because of the difficult economic situation and limited income opportunities, many families lack the most essential ressource – food.

With this donation of 35 € you provide food and bring big smiles to this one family that will receive your food package with rice, eggs, fish and cooking oil which will last for a few weeks.

Donation Gift Voucher Food
Donation Gift Voucher Water Filter

Water Purifyer for 25€

Especially poor families in remote areas are lacking access to this basic necessity. Carrying water from a nearby well or collecting rainwater, families still have to boil it to be able to use.

The donated water purifier filters the ground water from bacteria, viruses and other impurities for giving a sustainable and easy option to provide families with safe drinking water.

Your donation really makes a difference!

You don`t have a Paypal account? No problem!

Just send us an E-Mail to with your order of vouchers and send the money to our donation bank account:

Support a Local gUG
IBAN: DE78 4306 0967 1097 8491 00
Bank: GLS Bank

Reference for example: “Christmas food”, “Christmas water filter” or “Easter individual support”