You can simply send us your donation via PayPal. If you need a donation receipt, you can write your name and address in the message field, as well as a short comment in the comment field and your e-mail address to which we can send it.


GoFundMe is a well known and professional Crowdfunding platform for donations. The donation you make on the platfrom will reach me directly. The platform itself is financed with tips. During the donation process you are asked to tip the platform. In case you don’t want to give a tip just choose „different amount“ and type in „0,00 €“.

Bank transfer

Recipient: Support a Local gUG
IBAN: DE78 4306 0967 1097 8491 00
Bank: GLS Bank


Purpose of use:
„donation indonesia food“, „donation indonesia water“ oder „donation indonesia individual“.

Food deliveries in 5 regions in Indonesia for 35 Euro

Many families in Indonesia still suffer from this lasting COVID-19 situation and the job loss that hit many. Without savings and social securities, thousands are facing the most fundamental survival issue: How to get food for themselves and their families. We therefore organize food deliveries to the poorest families. With a donation of only 35 € we can get a 50 kilo bag of rice, which feeds a family for an entire month. Donate with Paypal:

Water Purifyer for families in Sualwesi for 25 Euro

Especially poor families or people in remote areas are lacking access to clean drinking water. With no money to buy enough drinking water, most people carry water from their local well and boil it before drinking.

Household water purifiers that filter the ground water from bacteria and other impurities are a sustainable option to provide people with safe drinking water and save money.

A Donation of 25€ helps one family to profide clean drinking water for 2 years.

Individual support for families and children

Support a Local helps where support is needed most. Schooluniform and learning material, so children can go to school, or urgent help during flooding or earthquakes. Your individual donation helps to give fast and individual support in urgent situations.